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Publié : 31 octobre 2012

Workshop "Stellar Physics with the E-ELT"

Date : 4&5 Februray 2013

Location : Villa Clythia, Fréjus

Rationale :

The french National Program for Stellar Physics (PNPS) is organizing a workshop on "Stellar Physics with the E-ELT". Many E-ELT activities are conducted throughout Europe at present, and time is ripe to gather the french community to prepare for this major facility.

The main goals of the workshop are the following :

1- Inform the french community about the instrumental facilities available with the E-ELT
2- Discuss potential scientific projects
3- Identify instrumental priorities for stellar physics

The workshop will be short (1.5 days) and focused on stellar physics. A second workshop will be held during the 2013 SF2A annual meeting. More science fields will be covered in that second workshop.

Venue :

The workshop will be held in "Villa Clythia" , Fréjus, France. The place is owned by the CNRS and is managed by the CAES/CNRS. More information is available on this web site.

Villa Clythia offers many meeting rooms as well as the possibility for each participant to spend the night on site, in single room.

Villa Clythia is located in Fréjus. It is easily reachable by train (Saint-Raphaël station) or plane (Nice airport). A shuttle service will be avalaible on February 4th morning from Saint-Raphaël train station and Nice airport. On February 5th evening, the same service to the train station and airport will be provided.

Registration :

The attendance is limited to 40 participants.

The conference fee is around 100€ and corresponds to the rooms/lunch-dinner fees (to be paid on arrival at the registration desk).

Registration is closed since January 6th.

Preliminary schedule :

February 4th :

- 11h-13h20 : Welcome and lunch

- 13h20-13h30 : Workshop opening

Session 1 : E-ELT instruments

- 13h30-14h10 : The E-ELT project – Guiseppe Bono (INAF-Rome Observatory, Chair of the "E-ELT Project science team")

- 14h10-14h45 : ELT-CAM, the infrared camera (first light instrument) – Yann Clénet (LESIA)

- 14h45 - 15h20 : ELT-IFU, the IFU spectrograph (first light instrument) – Johan Richard (CRAL)

- 15h20 - 15h55 : The MOS concept fo the E-ELT – Piercarlo Bonifacio (GEPI)

15h55-16h20 : coffee break

- 16h20-16h55 : HIRES, high resolution spectrograph – Livia Origlia (INAF)

- 16h55-17h30 : METIS – Eric Pantin (CEA)

- 17h30-18h05 : EPICS - Gaël Chauvin (IPAG)

- 18h05-18h30 : Pupil mask instrument - Guy Perrin (LESIA)

- 18h30-19h00 : Discussion

19h : Diner

February 5th :

Session 2 : Stellar physics with the E-ELT

- 8h30-9h15 : Final report of the E-ELT/ESO working group for stellar physics - Vanessa Hill (OCA)

- 9h15-9h50 : Disks, stellar environments and planetary formation - Gaël Chauvin (IPAG and member of the “E-ELT Project science team”)

- 9h50 -10h25 : Stellar populations and Galactic archeology – Patrick de Laverny (OCA)

10h25-10h50 : coffee break

- 10h50-11h25 : The Initial Mass Function and brown dwarfs - Estelle Moraux (IPAG)

- 11h25-12h00 : First stars – Elisabetta Caffau (Heidelberg)

- 12h00-12h35 : Gamma Ray bursts and violent stellar phenomena – Susanna Vergani (GEPI)

12h35-14h : Lunch

- 14h00-15h00 : Discussion

15h00-15h30 : coffee break

- 15h30-16h45 : Discussion


François Bouchy, Boris Dintrans, Catherine Dougados, Fabrice Martins

List of participants :

Evelyne Alecian (LESIA)
Stéphane Blondin (LAM)
Piercarlo Bonifacio (LESIA)
Sylvain Bontemps (LAB)
Giuseppe Bono (Rome University)
François Bouchy (LAM/Genève)
Jean-Claude Bouret (LAM)
Elisabetta Caffau (Heidelberg)
Corinne Charbonnel (Genève/IRAP)
Yann Clénet (LESIA)
Gaël Chauvin (IPAG)
Luc Dessart (LAM)
Boris Dintrans (IRAP)
Vanessa Hill (OCA)
Pierre Kervella (LESIA)
Thierry Lanz (OCA)
Patrick de Laverny (OCA)
Fabrice Martins (LUPM)
Florentin Millour (OCA)
Jean-Louis Monin (IPAG)
Estelle Moraux (IPAG)
Livia Origlia (INAF)
Eric Pantin (CEA)
Guy Perrin (LESIA)
Johan Richard (CRAL)
Mathias Schulteis (Obs. Besançon)
Philippe Stee (OCA)
Susanna Vergani (GEPI)

Attached documents : workshop summary and slides of the presentations

PDF - 281.2 ko
Workshop Summary
PDF - 15.8 Mo
Yann Clénet
PDF - 13 Mo
Johan Richard
PDF - 3.8 Mo
Eric Pantin
PDF - 4.9 Mo
Gaël Chauvin - session 1
PDF - 11.6 Mo
Guy Perrin
PDF - 6.2 Mo
Vanessa Hill
PDF - 2.4 Mo
Gaël Chauvin - session 2
PDF - 2.6 Mo
Estelle Moraux
PDF - 1.8 Mo
Elisabetta Caffau
PDF - 7.6 Mo
Piercarlo Bonifacio
PDF - 15.4 Mo
Giuseppe Bono